:: 252

It may be hard to believe, but there are only a few days left before the 2015 Hair Fair ends! As always, it’s been an amazing event, however, this year was extra special as it was THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY. Crazy, right? To celebrate, each store put out a FREE GIFT. I compiled a few of my favorites that are most definitely worth grabbing while you still can!

Moon – Tangerine (Redhead Sim)
Alice Project – Celeste II (Noirette Sim)
Blues – Lunaire (Noirette Sim)
Mithral – Magnesium (Noirette Sim)
Elikatira – Kara (Redhead Sim)
Exile – Jill (Noirette Sim)


:: 209

-=- BODY -=-
Skin: Al Vulo – Berry
Hair: Elikatira – Tallulah
Hands: Slink – Casual
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears

-=- CLOTHES -=-
Sweater: Overhigh – Old Sweater – Blue
Undershirt: Jane – Intrinsic Tank – Milk
Jeans: Fri.day – Iunno Jeans – Light Wash
Shoes: Fri.day – River Boots (@ Shoetopia)


Belt: Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Leather Belt
Lips: Mons – Blossom Lipgloss
Necklace: Magic Nook – Ahoy, Sailor!

:: 202

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still check out Horrorfest! I put together this simple, but creepy look with some goodies that you can still pick up at the event until Nov. 8th! And speaking of horror, I’ve finally caught up on American Horror Story. Dude, wtf? Having watched the previous two seasons, you’d think that I’d be prepared but… I WAS SO NOT PREPARED. I mean, does every story arc have to encompass every single horrible taboo possible? CAN NOTHING EVER BE GOOD? A few times, I was thinking, “oh, this must be a red herring. They won’t ACTUALLY go there.” BUT THEY DO GO ~THERE! THEY GO ~THERE EVERY CHANCE THEY GET! If you’re not watching, you should be. If you have… delicate sensibilities, then it’s probably not the show for you, but if mutilation, murder, incest and killer vaginas sound like an interesting way to spend your Wednesday night, it’s on FX at 10pm EST*.

-=- BODY -=-
Skin: Al Vulo – Ewa (@ TDRF)
Hair: Elikatira – Figure
Eyes: Candy Mountain – Orbs of Sin (NEW)
Lips: Pink Acid – Elegant Lipstick – Blood Red

-=- CLOTHES -=-
Dress: LouLou & Co. – Ginger Dress (@ HORRORFEST)
Hood: Fri.day – Raven Hood (@ HORRORFEST)
Shoes: Fri.day – Cotton Mary Janes

* This is an unpaid enforcement. I am not receiving any compensation in the form of money, body parts, unidentifiable fluids or risky sexual favors. Watch at your own risk. Oh, and don’t look behind you…

:: 161 ~ KAWAII FAIR POST # 1

The Kawaii Fair is in full swing and there are so many adorable things to buy! Here is my first sampling of looks. I’ve also included a map of the fair at the end of my post to make finding things easier!


Skin: Essences – Opera (@ Big Boobies Show)
Hair: Magika – Awake (NEW)
Top: RED – Tank Top (@ Kawaii Fair)
Skirt: The Bishes – Mesh Mini – Purple Denim (NEW)
Shoes/Leggings: Pop Tart – Leg Warmers – Mix Black (@ Kawaii Fair)
Mask: Epic – Neo Anime Mouth Mask (@ Kawaii Fair)
Bracelet: Cute Poison – Dee Bracelet
Pinwheel: Blowup – Pinwheel
Bird: MishMish – Fat Lil Bird (@ Kawaii Fair)


Skin: Essences – Opera (@ Big Boobies Show)
Hair: Elikatira – Return
Dress: Blah – My Pretty Polka Dress (@ Kawaii Fair)
Hoodie: Dollle – Polka Dot Bunny Crop Hoodie (@ Kawaii Fair)
Shoes: Pretty Liar – Wedge Sneaker – White & Pink (@ Kawaii Fair)
Socks: Izzie’s – Overknee Socks
Lips: Pink Acid – Pom Pom Lip Shine (@ Kawaii Fair)


Skin: Al Vulo – Arya
Hair: Magika – Flourish
Top: Remy – Ava Tucked
Skirt: Anymore – Mini Polka Skirt (@ Kawaii Fair)
Shoes: Dolle – Bunny Slippers (GIFT @ Kawaii Fair)
Socks: Crash Republic – Stripey Knee Socks (@ Kawaii Fair)
Bow: Crash Republic – Kawaii Bow (@ Kawaii Fair)
Mouthie: Evilkyoot – Choklit Milk in yer Mouf (@ Kawaii Fair)
Bag: Tentacio – Bunny Bag (@ Kawaii Fair)

:: 107

One of the best groups that I ever joined was for Filthy skins. Every month, they put out a really top notch group gift skin (one for men and one for women). Unlike some groups, the gift is always high quality, on par with the skins sold at full price. Even more awesome, the gift pack comes with 8 skins (4 tones, each with an added cleavage option) AND a shape. I BELIEVE the cost to join was 199L, which is really nothing for the amazing skin you get every month. Also, Anymore has this super cute, summery outfit that will be out at the Vintage Fair!

Skin: Filthy – August Group Gift
Hair: Elikatira – Garden
Outfit: Anymore – Romantic Summer @ Vintage Fair
Feet: Slink – Women’s Mesh Feet
Ears: Gauged – Elven
Necklace: Yummy – Nautical Charms
Tattoo: Yayo – Heart
Tattoo 2: Piccara – Fly Away
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Boho Bangles – Lacquered Gold & Diamonds