Thank you so much for your interest in my buh-log. I appreciate any and all support, even if it is as simple as a blog hit. This blog isn’t just about fashion, but it’s about fun and creativity. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and creating outfits and accessorizing. That being said, I feel strongly about my personal style, however varied it may be and so, to preserve my integrity, I can’t promise that all your items will be blogged. Though, I do like to think that if you are gracious enough to send me review copies, you’ve perused the blog, and you have an idea of what I’m all about and feel I’d be good models for your product. In an effort to showcase your product the best I can, I ask a few things:

– Please send all clothing and accessories to Brooke Amorosi. Additionally, for any comments or inquiries (or even just to say hi lol), I can be reached at that name in-world.

– If possible, please include a notecard or IM with any pertinent information, ie: the product name, your name, when the product is available (if this is a new release), an SLurl or LM, etc. I want to make sure I not only properly credit you and your store, but also make it easy to find your product in-world.

– Please give me a few days to blog your item(s). I do try to blog every day, but sometimes RL gets in the way. It will usually take no longer than two or three days, but be patient if it does take longer.

That is pretty much it! Again, thank you for checking SHIPWRECKED out!


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