I’m never happy having only one thing to focus on. When I find myself with free time, I cram as many hobbies and projects and activities into that space as possible which inevitable leaves me with not nearly enough of said free time to give everything the proper attention it deserves. It doesn’t help that I have terrible time management. That’s something I’ve been struggling with over the past couple of months, but it all kind of came to a head recently and now I’m trying to re-prioritize and re-budget my time and energy. At the very least, I want to focus more on the things I enjoy and less on the things I feel obligated to do! Blogging is and always has been one of those things and so here we are!


SKIN: Lara Hurley – Heidi (natural)
HAIR: Magika – Hush
TOP: *BOOM* – First Date Skirt (navy) @ UBER
SKIRT: *BOOM* – First Date Top (sugar) @ UBER
TIGHTS: Izzies – Cat Tights (white)
SHOES: *REIGN.- Liberty Wedges- (MID)- Navy
EYES: Buzzeri – Lillian Eyes – Honey


SKIN: Lara Hurley – Heidi (natural)
UNIFORM: B.C.C Spring Day school uniform A (@ The Seasons Story)
TIGHTS: Izzies – Overknee Socks (navy)
SHOES: Ingenue – Audrei – Ghost
EYES: Buzzeri – Elysium Eyes – Angel

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