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Welp, I feel like a sell out. You see, I have been mesh breast-less up until now, with firm conviction. The mesh breast phase just wasn’t for me. Besides the fact that I was perfectly happy with my small chest, I was also a bit resentful. A lot of my favorite designers were focusing their efforts on putting out applier-friendly clothing which to me seemed to be taking several steps back from the new beautiful mesh offerings. Not that it was any reflection of the QUALITY of work, but it required reverting back to system layer clothing which I had been more than happy to leave in the past.

After months of resistance, however, I am in possession of a set of Lolas. Now, it must be said that these were FORCED upon me by a friend who asked for my assistance with a photoshoot (I kid, I kid… sorta ♥), but I suppose it’s good that I’m finally getting with the times. I will say that I did consider buying them a few times, for various reasons. I’ve seen a few artistic photos on Flickr where they were realistically sized and thought “oh, I do like that look!” and sometimes I’ve felt guilty that I wasn’t able to blog review copies of applier-friendly clothing, but I was not yet ready to embrace the mesh breast craze. I’m not sure I’m ready even now and I’m sure they won’t become a staple of my every day look, but they’ll be fun to wear every now and then, especially for blogging.

So, here’s to many mesh breastventures!

-=- BODY -=-
Skin: Al Vulo – Berry
Hair: Truth – Lyma
Eyes: Candy Mountain – Animu Eyes – Blue

-=- CLOTHES -=-
Top: Bishes Inc – Tube Top/Sheer Tubes (@ THE BOOBIES SHOW)
Skirt: BOOM – Minka Skirt
Boots: G-Field – “Will” Long Cuff Boots
Socks: Crash Republic – Stripey Knee Socks

Bracelet: Whippet & Bucket – Diamond and Pearl Bracelet Stack
Piercing: Cute Poison – Atonement Piercing
Choker: BOOM – Precious Bow Choker
Horns: Half Deer – Jackalope Antlers – Blush
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears


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