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It feels like I’ve been in the group for the Candy Fair for months (actually, I think I have been…), but the time has finally arrived. I’ve really been anticipating this fair because I knew I would love all the colors and cute, sweet-themed accessories that would be available, and I have not been disappointed.

The Fair itself is gorgeous. One of my favorite perks of blogging for an event is when you’re granted early access to the sim(s). It’s so awesome to wander around without fighting lag or crowds and get to see all the little details and scenery. The Candy Fair is stretched out over three sims and it feels like you’re walking around a giant Candyland board complete with chocolate rivers. Everything is so bright and colorful and delicious. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Skin: Al Vulo – Berry (@ The Seasons Story)
Hair: Truth – Dolly
Top: Blueberry – Jennifer Tank Top
Shorts: Kathaarian – Kawaii Boy Shorts (@ The Candy Fair)
Socks: Crash Republic – Stripey Knee Socks
Shoes: Snow Labs – Girl Tops
Horns: Kawaii – Candy Horns (@ The Candy Fair)
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears
Eyepatch: Blah – My Sweet Patch
Necklace: Yay! and Stuff – Cute Bunny Necklace (@ The Candy Fair)
Ice Cream: Mango Cheeks – Ice Cream Cone Cup (@ The Candy Fair)

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