:: 194

Skin: Essences – Whisper
Hair: Magika – Curious
Shirt: Whatever – Knotted Tank Top
Skirt: The Bishes – Army Brat Skirt
Boots: VC Designs – C-001 Boots
Belt: Blitzed – Legacy Belt
Stockings: Erratic – Ripped Stockings
Helmet: Ugly Duck – Maus (store might be closed or I just can’t find it)
Face Tape: Sorry Asia – Face Tape (store closed)
Harness: Whatever – Gun Holster
Knees: Utopiah – Painful Knees

Returning to blogging has been really difficult. Well, maybe not really difficult as much as frustrating. And maybe not the actual blogging part, but more the picture taking part. I mean, I love blogging. I’ve been SUPER motivated and I have about four outfits saved just waiting to be photographed. But you see, things have changed and I hate change.

Back in the beginning of August, my laptop screen went black. Not completely black, but dark enough that you couldn’t see anything unless you shined bright light directly on it. This had been a long time coming. Things had slowly been malfunctioning on my laptop for over a year, but I either didn’t have the money or the patience for repairs and the computer was still USEABLE, no matter how many restarts or crashes I needed to get their. Over the summer, things got really bad and it was CONSTANTLY overheating and couldn’t tolerate SL for more than 15 minutes at a time. So, really, the screen going dark was probably for the best as it forced me to finally have things looked at. And once I had come to that conclusion, I was excited because it had been a long time since my laptop was flawfree and the prospect of having it on for more than a half hour at a time was AWESOME. Things got even BETTER when I happened to reach a very kind Dell employee who instructed me to renew my lapsed warranty, wait a few days, and then report the issues (this ended up saving me hundreds of dollars as you’ll see).

So, I did as I was told and voila! Dell sends me a box, I send them my laptop and all seems to be going smoothly. I don’t know why I was naive enough to believe everything would stay cotton candy and rainbows. I’ll shorten this story and just say that it took Dell over 3 weeks to come to the conclusion that they wouldn’t be able to repair my laptop. Apparently the video card had been recalled at some point (who knew?) and Dell was no longer manufacturing my exact laptop, so the parts would be nearly impossible to get. So, they offered to send me a laptop of “equal or greater specifications”, which involved another week and a half of me having to actually fight for said “equal or greater specifications” and yeah. All in all, it was almost 6 weeks between when my laptop was rendered useless and I received my new machine.

I’m really happy with my new laptop. There are some things I miss about my old tank of a machine, but overall, this is better (and much newer) than what I had. Best of all, IT WORKS! No BSOD or random wireless dropping or freezing or anything! I can open 10 tabs and fully rez laggy sims on SL and play WoW on high graphics! It’s beautiful!

… but it’s also… a little off. It’s a completely different kind of screen and video cards and so the colors and just the LOOK of things is not what I’m used to. I lost a lot of action sets and brushes for Photoshop (I know they’re on my external HD SOMEWHERE… <.<). The keyboard is spaced different and the touchpad sensitivity is waaay different and I swear these are all minor complaints in the scheme of things, but the point is that creating blog pictures that I'm satisfied with is proving to be a frustrating task. I'm used to producing a certain quality and a certain look and… figuring out how to make that happen with my new laptop is taking some time.

So, I think I've found something that works for now. It's a good place to start and build off of. Thank you to everyone who I owe blog posts to who has been more than patient.


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