:: 193

About a month ago, my laptop screen went black. I’d been dealing with multiple hardware issues for awhile, but I’m very attached to my laptop and I always just pushed off getting the repairs. This finally rendered it completely useless and so I had no choice but to part with it and send it into Dell. It took Dell nearly THREE WEEKS to come to the conclusion that they couldn’t fix my laptop (it was an XPS which has generally been retired since they partnered up with Alienware) and so, because I was under warranty, I was entitled to a replacement. The process of approving and receiving that took even MORE time, but I’ve finally rejoined the virtual world!

Thank you to everyone I owe blog posts to for being patient and understanding my situation. I can not wait to get back into my routine. I’m still downloading and installing some of my brushes and things, and getting used to a new machine, but I’m hoping to start banging out posts today.

I’ve missed all my friends and family and shopping and taking pictures and sometimes I was SO BORED this past month, but now I’m backkkk and super excited about it!



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