:: 183

(Yikes! Please excuse my fugly system hands/nails. I didn’t realize I’d detatched my lovely Slink hands until after I’d taken the pictures x__x)

Skin: Al Vulo – Aisha
Hair: Truth – Noemi
Bathing Suit Top: Whatever – Stringkini
Skirt: Ninfanium – Mikiki Tutu
Socks: Izzie’s – Over Knee Socks
Shoes: Super Kingdom – Girl Tops
Hip Tattoo: Aitui – A Simple Galaxy
Arm Tattoo: Utopiah – World of Candy
Throat Tattoo: Yayo – Heart
Lipgloss: Mons – Pinkberry
Eye Makeup 1: Pekka – Metallic Undereye Liner
Eye Makeup 2: Lovely Disarray – Sleepy Liner
Bow: Crash Republic – Kawaii Bow
Ears: Pera – Droopy Ears
Ring: Auxiliary – Melt My Heart
Milk: Yulicie – Strawberry Milk


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