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Hey, guess what?

If you guessed that I have cool new things to show you, you’d be correct!

If you guessed that I’m feeling tired this week, you’d also be correct. I don’t know why, but I’ve been finding myself counting the hours until bedtime most days this week. And that kind of sucks because there are so many things I need and WANT to do before calling it a night. I think part of the problem is that I can’t seem to find that perfect amount of hours of sleep. You know what I’m talking about – how if you sleep too little you’re tired, but if you sleep too much you’re all, like, slothy. The weather has changed too, so I’m still figuring out the perfect blanket to temperature ratio now that the air conditioning is on. I’M OBVIOUSLY A HIGH MAINTENANCE SLEEPER, OKAY? I also had to have a biopsy done earlier this week and now I have two stitches and I’m always uber paranoid when it comes to stitches so I barely want to move because if I move, I’ll tear them and all my insides will fall out. Yes, I realize that two stitches is pretty tiny BUT THIS IS A LEGITIMATE FEAR.

Anyway, enough about me and my ridiculous quirks.

Let’s talk about Whatever!

So, I mean, here I am just working on my fitness. While my guns may be distracting, try to draw your attention to my outfit. The Lissy tank top and Franz shorts are available NOW at SL Fashion Week and they both come in a variety of colors. I especially love the shorts. The tank top also comes with Lola appliers, if you need ’em.

Now, allow me to show you these awesome new sneakers that WILL be available at this COMING SL Fashion Week (starts tomorrow I believe)!

OOH! AHH! I’m just showing you a few of my favorite colors and patterns, but there are 20 to choose from.

Skin: Al Vulo – Aisha – Lil Sunkissed (@ TDR)
Hair: LoQ – BerryJuice
Top: Whatever – Lissy Tanktop – Mint (@ SL Fashion Week)
Shorts: Whatever – Franz Shorts – Black (@ SL Fashion Week)
Shoes: Whatever – CG Sneakers (COMING SOON @ SL Fashion Week)
Tattoo: Utopiah – My Emo Skulls Tat
Socks: DCNY – Sports Socks
Arm Tape: Nomine – Arm Tape
Face Tape: Sorry Asia – Face Tape (closed)


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