:: 170

This post was inspired by someone really special to me.

Do I need to mention that the hair is heavily edited? Because it is. Objects in picture may appear more floofy than in reality. Floofy is a word. Oh, wait. I googled it and apparently it’s only a word according to Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary also says “Man Points” is a thing, though, so I don’t know how credible it would be to use them as a source.

Skin: Essences – Opera
Hair: Dela – Lori
Shirt: Tres Blah – Anchor Tee
Pants: Villena – Tucked Up Jeans
Jacket: The Secret Store – Structured Blazer (@FAMESHED)
Shoes: N-Core – LuLu (FREE * GROUP GIFT *)
Bow: Crash Republic – Kawaii Bow
Bag: Pure Poison – LadyBug Handbag

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