:: 168

Blah, blah, blah. I have nothing interesting to say except that I hate how Firestorm still has grid lines in snapshots. Boo. Also, I took this lovely lady to DDL and she bought half the store. I don’t blame her, I did the same thing the first time I wandered in there. You know what’s annoying? Going to a sandbox, setting up a photoshoot and then having it all returned to you when you try to snap some pics. Rough life.

ON BROOKE (left):

Skin: Essences – Opera – Light Rose
Hair: Truth – Lavinia
Shirt: Erratic – Amy Silk Blouse
Pants: ColdLogic – Kime – White
Shoes: DDL – I Told You So
Glasses: Chandelle – Liv Glasses
Headband: u.f.o. – Party in You Bedroom – Plain Navy
Necklace: DDL – Panic Switch
Bracelet: 7891 – Spiked Cuff
Bag: Epoque – Illusion Clutch – Afrique

ON ISIS (right):

Skin: Essences – Opera – Sunkissed
Hair: Truth – Caprice
Dress: DDL – Keep the Secret
Shoes: DDL – Obsession – Mint & Purple
Necklace: DDL – Read My Mind
Bag: DDL – The Godmother II
Glasses: DDL – Still Breathing
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears V2


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