:: 165 ~ Fantasy Faire Post #4

Another Fantasy Faire post!

This one is showcasing a full avatar from Hoof It! As I said in my post about the Dryad avi from Unique Obsession, I dont get to play with full avatars that often, so, this is a really cool opportunity.

This is the Hippocampus avatar. It’s a mixture of horse and fish and it’s pretty awesome. I’m blogging the Hippocampus in red; the markings are like that of a koi fish. This is the “Showa” version – the accompanied NC says “the name ‘showa’ refers to the markings – the six models have colours based on types of koi carp – Hikari, Kohaku, Orenji, Showa, Tancho and Utsuri.” I love attention to detail like that!

It comes with the HUD pictured above which can be used to customize your Hippocampus, change it’s expression and trigger animations. You can also change the speed of it’s “swim” animation.

Like with all deforming mesh avatars, you may have to relog when switching in and out. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like this:

Hot, right? xD

Get the Hippocampus Avatar from Hoof It!



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