:: 163 ~Fantasy Faire Post #2

So, now on to the really fun part! I get to wear awesome stuff and show it to you! *bounces around*

Clearly, I am excited for this.

I remember when Al Vulo first released their petite avatars (whoa, I just realized that was over a year ago!). I was so excited and I wanted one so bad, but I knew I wouldn’t wear it often and they were kinda pricey. I love faries and I remember my partner being like GET IT and that was all the push I needed. Truth be told, beyond a few photoshoots, I rarely wear my petite avi and that’s a damn shame because she’s pretty much flaw free. I don’t regret the purchase ONE BIT and I’ve spent way more Lindens on way more frivolous and unnecessary things since then. I was really psyched when I received a petite outfit to review and got to bring her out again.

Above, I am wearing the Petite Fairytale outfit in white from Ankle Biter. You get the dress, mask, antennae, wings, jewelry, tail, crown, sparkle and butterfly particles, as well as avi enhancements. It’s a beautiful outfit and I absolutely love all the tiny accessories. (was anyone else obsessed with tiny doll house furniture as a kid? no? just me? okay!) This outfit also comes in black, if you want to go for that ~darker princess look.

Above, I am wearing the Petite Dragonfly outfit from Ankle Biter. It comes with the outfit, jewelry, ears, wings, antennae, sparkle particles… SO MUCH STUFF. And, what’s more awesome? This particular offering is part of the FANTASY FAIRE HUNT. BONUS!

The FF Hunt begins on Tuesday and it sounds really incredible. I can’t imagine the kind of work that goes into something so immersive. The FF Hunt is a story-driven, HUD-based hunt in two parts.. The first part involves exploring the Faire sims and collecting an item from each of the shopping sims. When the first part of the hunt is complete, players will receive a bundle of unique gifts created by our sim designers commemorating the sims and FF2013. In addition to the gift basket, players will receive a second HUD that allows them to continue the adventure on our Hunt sim, the Valley of Ish’Nar. This second part of the hunt is full of puzzles and quests that must be completed, but the reward is big for not only does the player become the hero of the story, but when he saves the day he wins access to the treasure trove of all your gifts.

Cool, right??? I’d get on that if I were you. I know I’ll be trying it out.


Petite Avi: Al Vulo Petite – Polly 2 – Caramel
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique & Amandine (petite)




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