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Well, I’m currently on my third attempt of a fresh re-install of Windows XP (so very anti Vista and 7) and ALL PROGRAMS including all those ones you don’t think of like Java and Microsoft Essentials and that random driver you have to find on your graphic’s card’s website that is imperative to running pretty much EVERYTHING. There is a very high possibility that my hard drive is crapping out which initially caused me to panic because my laptop’s very pricey extended warranty had expired literally days before I started having issues and a hard drive… well, isn’t that like a MAJOR part of a computer? I’m convinced that Dell somehow remotely orchestrated this because the timing is just too infuriating to be coincidence. However, it turns out hard drives are really pretty cheap. About 50-70$. I already have a large external HD (which has rendered this whole multiple-wipe-and-restore-process annoying and time consuming, rather than heartbreaking because I didn’t really ‘lose’ anything except a few photoshop brushes) so I don’t need to buy anything extravagant. It’s also insanely easy to replace yourself. Small victories, people. I consider this a win. Because I was really envisioning shelling out hundreds of dollars to fix this and having the whole “is it worth repairing or should I just invest in something new” conflict. Granted, my laptop is almost 5 years old and HEAVILY used. It’s definitely been an awesome and reliable machine and the one other time I DID have a problem with some of the hardware, I was still under warranty and within 3 days a gentleman from Dell came to my house and fixed everything, including a few cosmetic repairs like replacing the worn keyboard and a light on the cover. It’s an XPS .. a fantastic, fully loaded, HEAVY AS ALL HELL laptop, but Dell discontinued this particular line and replaced it with a less awesome XPS line that cost half the price. I’m guessing not many people were able to justify spending so much money for a laptop, but I saved my pennies and… five Photoshop, Second Life, World of Warcraft, Sony Vegas filled years later, I know I made a good choice. The equivalent to this machine is now only Alienware (I know nothing about Macs sooo … there might be something on that side of the spectrum) and I’m guessing that’s what I’ll eventually start looking at when more pricey things start failing on this machine, but I’m crossing my fingers for another year or so before that.

Now, though, I’m dusting everything off, rewarding myself for my struggles by going on an extended shopping spree and bringing you these looks:

In case you haven’t heard.. Kyoot is closing. It’s sad to see such a popular brand close it’s doors, but the silver lining is always the inevitable SALE. Everything is 50L and below! There are a bunch of really staple wardrobe pieces to be had so get there while you still can!


Skin: Al Vulo – Eleanor – Sunkissed
Hair: Magika – Clumsy – *NEW*
Top: Kyoot – Portland Tee – Antelope (50L)
Jacket: Pumpkin – Basic Coat – White
Jeans: Mon Tissu – Nora Skinny Jeans
Shoes: 2Real – F Wings


Skin: Al Vulo – Eleanor – Sunkissed
Hair: r(m) – Colour Demo – *FREE*
Top: Kyoot – And It’s Love Knit Mini (50L)
Jeans: Linc – Tyra Jeans
Shoes: SLink – Marina Suede Boot – Taupe
Belt: Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Leather Belt
Headband: Toki Doki – Ruf Ribbon – Light Grey

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