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So, I was really excited to see that the new SL Viewer update had apparently fixed grid lines showing up in shadow-enabled high-rez snapshots. Unfortunately, a comparable fix wasn’t added into the Firestorm update which was a bummer. But I figured if it meant no more grid lines, I’d be willing to convert, at least for photography purposes. I transferred all of my windlight settings from Firestorm into the SL Viewer, corrected all my settings and started taking pictures. GUESS WHAT? THERE ARE STILL GRID LINES. Apparently, after some research, grid lines are still showing up if you take a snapshot at more than double your screen size. I like to take my photos REALLY BIG, especially when I’m planning to do significant editing. I don’t know why I’m surprised. LL has a long history of half-assed fixes and putting temporary bandaids over things, if they even ever recognize and listen to our issues and complaints in the first place. Grr. To quell my anger, I decided to shop my face off.

SKIN: Belleza – Wynter
HAIR: Eater’s Coma – Hair 08 – Dark Chestnut
DRESS: Cynful – Vale’s Turtleneck Dress – Black *NEW*
SHOES: JD – Tundra Boots – Black Suede
HAT: LaViere – Cashmere Flat Cap – Noir
SCARF: [AUX] – Winter Scarf (@ TDR Fusion)
BRACELETS: Maxi Gossamer – Ramona 77 Bangle
NECKLACE: MStyle – Deer Necklace
RING: PIDIDDLE – Gawdy Ring Set
LIPGLOSS: Pink Acid – Clear Lip Gloss

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