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I have a BUNCH of new stuff to show you today and even more to tell you ABOUT said new stuff. First of all, I’ve said it on FB and I’ll say it again here: for Christmas I’d really like a version of Firestorm that doesn’t leave those nasty grid lines when taking high-res, shadow-enabled pictures. It is so frustrating. Sometimes, it’s bearable and an easy enough fix, but other times, whole grid squares are a different color than the rest of the picture. But, enough of that!

Skin: Skins – Catarina – Medium *NEW*
Hair: Taketomi – Maggie – Medium Brown
Top: Cole – Ringle Sweater – Red *NEW*
Jeans: Fri.day – Designer Jeans – Black
Boots: The Bishes – Huggies – Black *NEW*
Necklace: Pididdle – My Special Treasures Necklace – Silver Glitter *NEW* (Available at The Arcade!)
Lipgloss: Pink Acid – Clear Lip Gloss

First, off, let’s look at this new skin from, well, Skins! It’s a new brand and I’m already excited to see what else they’ll have to offer because it’s obvious the creators will be putting out quality products. Catarina comes in 4 tones and includes a few lipsticks, an eyeliner, cleavage/no cleavage versions as well as Lola Tango appliers. Unedited, here is Catarina!:

After taking the summer off, The Bishes are back! First, they’ve redone almost all existing products to include Lola appliers. This week, they also released these fantastic boots in an array of colors and patterns. I love them so much and they are perfect for pairing with all the winter fashion this season. I picked a few more of my favorites to show off:

Also, I was able to get a sneak peek at a few of the offerings from Pididdle for the Arcade Event which opened at midnight. I seriously love these necklaces. I love miniature things like this. They are 50L a pop, 5 rares to be won, 18 necklace versions in total. These are only 3 of a bunch of possibilities so get you butt to The Arcade. Or, if you’re like me, wait a week or two for some of the crowds and lag to clear and THEN get your butt to The Arcade!


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