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So, I’m back! FINALLY! Hurricane Sandy hit my area really hard and I was without power for the week between October 29th to November 5th. It was very dark and very cold and I was dying for a hot, homemade meal. Even after power came back, the days following were riddled with random patches of power/internet loss, and the Nor’Easter didn’t help matter. But now it’s been 24 hours without any blips and it seems we may be in the clear! It’s unbelievable how many ways we rely on electricity – not just for entertainment and comfort purposes, but also communication with the outside world. Anyway, no more doom and gloom. They’re actually forecasting weather in the 60s for later in the week which is above average temps so maybe we’re really in the clear!

As such, I’m super happy to be in SL more stably. Thank you to the designers who were patient and are giving me some extra time to get through all the stuff I have yet to blog. It’s crazy how much you miss in two weeks! So much awesome stuff! Of course, I also celebrated my return by going on a little SHOPPING SPREE!

The new skin line from LAQ is adorable. Levi says it’s my best look in the history of us knowing each other and I’ve changed my skin MANY times, so if that isn’t positive praise for the product, I don’t know what is. Saga is one of 2 skins that were released (Elle being the other) and the cool thing about this new skin line by LAQ is that the features are interchangeable. Basically, the eyes, nose, mouth and brows all come on additional tattoo layers so you can mix and match with other skins in the line. I think this is a really awesome way to give buyers more customization options and help them create a more unique and individual look. SO, I AM A FAN.

Also, before the mesh craze, I was a huge fan of Emery. I had yet to really peruse their new mesh collection, but I ventured over and picked up some essential pieces for my wardrobe. I’ve come to expect quality and originality from Emery and they did not disappoint with there mesh offerings. I know I’ll be back.

Lastly, Pink Acid has been releasing a TON of new makeups lately that I’m going to be showing you over my next few posts. Today, I went with her most recent release, a really rich wine colored lipstick from the Elegant Collection that compliments the fall tones of my outfit.

SO YAY! First blog post in awhile and it feels great to be back. Look for much more to come! 🙂

Skin – LAQ Essential – Saga *NEW*
Hair – Truth – Sara *NEW*
Top – Emery – Oversized Sweater Pet Cemetery – Latte
Leggings – Crazy – Basic Leggings – Red
Shoes – Maitreya – Radical Boots – Chestnut
Lipstick – Pink Acid – Elegant Lipstick – Merlot *NEW*
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Gold Peace Pendant
Freckles: R.icielli – Freckles 2
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Twilight Sea


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