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My second entry for the Mon Tissu Blogger search! And, again, the image is better viewed on Flickr!

By day, she dreams of living the lives of the characters in her books, escaping to distant lands and engaging in torrid love affairs. She buys a coffee and stirs in four sugars, even though the boy behind the counter says she’s already sweet enough. Her feet follow the same familiar roads, all while her head floats in the clouds, far beyond her quaint but mundane reality. She’s quiet and poised, all dog-eared pages and soft skin. The time ticks by, seconds stretching out like taffy, twisting and sticking to polite conversation, to people watching, to quietly flipping pages. Words. Words. Words. Interwoven moments creating the solid, but unsatisfying tapestry of her life. There’s more to this girl than meets the eye.

By night, she’s an assassin – taking hearts hostage and stealing glances. She’s a black widow, a creature of mystery and intrigue, with a soul as deep and dark as the sky. Gone is the girl living out adventures through pages. Now, she’s making headlines. She takes the stage and there’s something haunting about her crooning, about the way her fingers caress the taut strings of the guitar. Words. Words. Words. Melodic words belonging to her, borrowed by those lucky enough to be listening. The world slows and shrinks and rests in the palm of her hand. She finishes her set and grabs a coffee to go. She drinks in black. There’s more to this girl than meets the eye.


Skin: Lara Hurley – Elsa – Pale
Hair: Truth – Lykie – Oasis w/ Roots
Jacket: Mon Tissu – Porter Jean Jacket – Dark
Top: Sticky Fingers – My White Lace Trim Cami
Skirt: Mon Tissu – Gauzy Skirt – Eggshell
Shoes: SLink – Astrid Boots – Cream
Necklace: Mon Tissu – Take Flight
Tattoo: YaYo – Heart
Glasses: Miel – Hipster Peepers – Candy Gloss
Makeup: Pink Acid – Just a Dolly Lips/Eyelashes
Freckles: Chelle – Medium Freckles
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Twilight Sea

Poses: Purple Poses
Location: Juicy Cafe


Skin: Lara Hurley – Elsa – Pale
Hair/Hat: Maitreya – Ymre II – Ebony
Top: Mon Tissu – Joli Beaded Tunic – Black
Jeans: Mon Tissu – 1929 Cigarette Jeans – Black
Boots: SLink – Relax Boots – Black
Necklace: Fusion – Cord Cross Multi
Nails: Scrub – Polychrome
Bracelet: Pepper – Color Me
Bracelet: Whippet & Buck – Diamond and Pearl Stack – Black
Lips: Pink Acid – Glitter Lip Gloss – Plum

Poses: Purple Poses
Location: Pixel Bean Cafe


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