:: 125

Okay, so! Levi and I took these pictures WEEKS ago and they didn’t even require a lot of editing, but I got busy and other posts got backed up and yeah. OOPS! But, I’m posting them now and showing off this really REALLY cute pose prop from !Sheer Bliss. This prop can be used either solo or for a couple, and although it isn’t really intended for hardcore “surfing” action, the board WILL move with your arrow keys. The board is also texture change, so there are a bunch of looks to choose from.

Something else that I thought was VERY SUPER AWESOME? The creator, Sassy Dirval, included a notecard with the prop that lists a few surfing sims with open rez permissions where you can try out your board! I know when I’m trying to take a picture, ESPECIALLY one that requires rezzing out a prop, I can end up spending a ridiculous amount of time sim hopping, trying to find not only the right surrounding, but one that lets me rez. So, I thought that was a really cool and thoughtful addition to the pack. 🙂

Unfortunately, Levi is in the process of moving right now IRL, so I can’t bug him for his clothing credits, but I’m wearing the London Rain hairstyle from Exile, the mesh Hucci Retro Bikini, a navy headband from u.f.o. and, of course, my SLink mesh Women’s Barefeet! Oh! And Pink Acid’s Skittles Lip Gloss in red!


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