:: 116

Oh man! So much stuff is happening right now and I’ve been so busy, but I’m finally starting to catch up. I’ve had these new horns from Plastik for over a week and they are AMAZING. One of my favorite looks to blog is fantasy looks because I just have so much fun putting them together. In fact, I’m already working on a second look based around these horns, but in the white-ish color. I know that Aikea Rieko, creator of The Plastik, worked uber hard on these and it shows. The detailing is amazing and every accessory can be changed via a HUD. There are also additional gem pack HUDS with tons of options. The circlet is also HUD driven and customizable, as well as mod so you can get the perfect fit. I’m really in love with these horns.

Also new and SUPER COOL is the mesh harness from Haste. I thought it went really perfectly with this look. It’s a really unique too. I haven’t seen anything like it out on the market yet. Definitely check it out. Haste is a relatively new brand and they only have a few items out so far, but they’re all high quality, so I’m really excited to see what they come out with in the future.

Skin: Plastik – Lionheart – Tale – Prowess
Hair: Magika – Calm *MESH*
Harness: Haste – Rope Harness – Black (NEW) *MESH*
Leggings: Sakide – Shredded Black Leggings – Black
Boots: VC Designs – C-001 Boots (I’m not sure if this store is still open)
Horns: Plastik – Arachzis Horns – Rage (NEW)
Gag: KGS – Gag Mask
Tattoo: Utopiah – My Emo Skulls
Pasties: Suicidal Unborn – Nipple Covers – Black
Finger Tape: Sinistyle – Taped Fingers & Black Nails
Arm Tape: Nomine – Taped Long


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