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The past day has been pretty lame for me, so to combat sadface syndrome, I’m going to make a post about something HAPPY! I also can not stop myself from shoving chips and salsa into my mouth, so maybe this will distract me!

The other day, Levi made a post about our 1 Year Anniversary Trip, but that was just part one! Camping wasn’t our only adventure. It seemed only fitting that the second stop on our trip was a beachy, sea-themed sim. If you haven’t noticed, we’re kinda obsessed with all things nautical. <.<

(A blogger NEVER takes a vacation! Not even on a 1 Year Anniversary Trip with a very impatient husband.)

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for you, we visited just in time because it was the LAST DAY that Crystall Dunes was open to the public. The sim is home to Neva Crystall who worked on creating the very popular Neva River sim and she was gracious enough to allow us a peek into her beautiful, serene world. But even though you can no longer visit it yourself, hopefully our photos will aptly display it’s awesomeness. 🙂

This beach area was one of the first places we stumbled upon. It was so peaceful and secluded, and of course Levi loved the sailboat.

We instantly fell in love with the main house. I wish I’d taken more reference pictures because we immediately started plotting ways to recreate the space for ourselves. It was everything you would imagine a weathered beach house to be. The furniture and decor was perfection and it was so open and airy you could almost feel the ocean breeze moving through.

On the second floor of the house, overlooking the beach and sea was a bathtub we took advantage of. The atmosphere was beautiful and it was nice to just relax together and take it all in.

The sim was filled with places to explore and things to see and plenty of areas to cuddle. It WAS an Anniversary Trip after all!

SO YEAH! I know this is a picture heavy post (oops), but there’s actually many more on my Flickr if you want to check them out!

Levi and I had an amazing two days of adventuring and anniversary-ing :3. With the blog and the store and the networking we’ve been doing, it’s been easy for us to get distracted from the best parts of Second Life — each other and all the beautiful and fun places this world has to offer. It was nice to just focus on each other and spend, essentially, almost 48 hours straight together, not working or worrying. These times are the best times and they are what keep me in SL. He is my favorite. ♥


Skin: the body co. – Hunter II
Swim Trunks: Freaks & Geeks – Anchor Pattern Shorts – Blue
Shoes: Reek – Ikat Swell sneaks
Hat: Kari – Aye Aye Cap
Beard: Atro Patena – Beard A1
Ears: Aitui – *MESH* Stretched ears 3″


Skin: Lara Hurley – Elsa – Pale
Hair: Magika – Flourish
Bathing Suit: BOOM – Ellio Bikini – Coconut (NEW)
Feet: SLink – Mesh Women’s Barefeet
Necklace: Flightless – Be The Anchor


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