:: 113

After a long…3 days of waiting (lol) we FINALLY were able to go on our 1 year anniversary trip! We both had so much fun exploring, taking pictures, being silly and cuddling under the stars.

First, we woke up in the early hours of the morning, got our bags and headed for CAMP!

Here we are, headed for our camping trip. Oh wait! We got lost. I (Levi) was driving, but I mean, psh, we made it..eventually.

But, we finally made it. We had a nice picnic, relaxed and then headed out for more fun.

We spotted a bear! The baby was pretty cute but as you can see, the mom wants to claw my eyes out o.o

At this point, all we were doing was cuddling, I mean, we haven’t been around each other in 3 days. Can you blame us? 😛

We did some exploring, found a cow, no big deal right? I had a….moment…with the cow, milked it. Lucky me

We laid around some more, watching the sunset and just enjoying each other’s company.

We decided to go on one more adventure. We rode our bikes through the whole camp park, till night fall.

Over all, it was an amazing trip. We were able to talk all day, spend time together and discover new places. I couldn’t ask for a better camp partner 😛

Here we are, finally all safe and sound in our sleeping bag…

But we also forgot about all the mosquitoes and creepy animal noises at night..Oh man D:

So as you can see, we packed our bags and headed home that same night. Camping at night can be kind of scary, haha. But again, here we are at home, watching a movie and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Camp location: F i n l a n d i a

On Brooke:


Skin: Lara Hurley – Elsa – Pale
Hair: Magika – Paisley
Top: Kyoot – Last Thread Tank – Summer
Shorts: Tres Blah – Board Shorts – Foam (old Collabor88 item)
Socks: Erratic – Striped Socks – Yellow/White
Shoes: UBU – Pornstar Lo-Tops


Sweatshirt: [JP]dsg – Dissident Hoodie – White
Sweats: L’Exception – Famous Sweats

On Levi:


Skin: the body co. – Hunter II
Hair: Hair: Atro Patena – Eric
Hair base: Aitui – 5 Etched Hair Bases – Firebird
Shirt: bleak. – LastAnchor
Pants: – NOAM shorts
Shoes: Super Kingdom – Low Tops Mesh Male Shoes
Beard: Atro Patena – Beard A1
Ears: Aitui – *MESH* Stretched ears 3″
Tattoo: Tattoo: Freaks & Geeks – Wise Owl


Hoodie: Super Kingdom – Mesh Hoodie
Pants: Aitui – Everyday Shorts

This day meant the world to me and I’m so incredibly happy to have someone as caring and patient as Brooke. Every day we grow closer, stronger and I know for sure that I wouldn’t want anyone else. It’s been a hard journey to get to where we are but all the bumps in the rode made us who we are now. Happy 1 year anniversary, Brooke. You deserve nothing but the best. And I will stay by your side forever.
You are my very favorite ❤

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