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A year ago today, in the early morning hours before dawn, sitting in a half-finished teen-friendly club, Levi and I got together, officially. A year is a long time, no matter how you slice it, whether you’re in RL or SL, and considering I can probably just about count on one hand the number of days out of the past 365 that we weren’t in some kind of contact, whether it be in-world or skyping or texting, it’s kind of a miracle we haven’t killed each other yet.

Levi and I met in March of 2011. We were teens then and I was opening a teen-friendly club with 3 friends called Forever Young. Not long after we met, he joined my best friend’s family and became her brother. We were around each other a lot, but we were both dating other people and into our own things. There was even a short time in the months before we began dating that we were not on the best of terms. Fast-forward to July of 2011… We were both kind of disillusioned with SL. I can’t speak for Levi, but I know I was fed up with all my choices and decisions ending in disaster. I felt like people in SL could so easily do shitty things without ever having to be held accountable or pay consequences for their actions (and really, I still feel this way, but I’ve since learned to take it in stride). Most of all, I didn’t know where I belonged. I didn’t have a family anymore, my friend group had gone through some drama, and I had become disinterested with most of my in-world hobbies. I was wavering, logging on sporadically and for shorter and shorter amounts of time. I was able to keep contact with the close friends that I had made through other social networks, so the urgency to spend time with them waned. I missed having fun. I missed looking forward to logging in. I missed caring.

If I tried to explain how exactly it happened, I don’t think it would make any sense. It was one of those “you had to be there” situations, where only people who know us and our ridiculous personalities would get it. It started off with over-the-top flirting that I didn’t even take seriously at the time, to buying land together to re-open the club, to staying up until way past dawn talking about… everything. There was a blue ring pop and an amusement park date and an impromptu trip to Freebie Galaxy. I’ll spare you the many other details that came before and just say that on August 4th, 2011 at about 3am, we officially started dating.

In the past year, we’ve done a lot of growing up – not only literally in SL, but also in the more figurative sense in RL. There have been dozens of date nights, countless photoshoots and an innumerable amount of hours on Skype. We’ve experienced every holiday together, celebrated 12 monthly anniversaries and exchanged many gifts. 5 months after we started dating, we got married, and 2 months after that, we adopted our daughters. We talked about starting a blog, and 6 months later (lol *cough*) we actually started one, and eventually our own store, Shipwrecked. But our biggest accomplishments were not so tangible. Like all couples, we’ve had high highs and low lows. We’ve argued and we’ve had our issues. We’ve been moody, we’ve fought over nothing, we’ve been dealt difficult things in RL. But we’ve always worked it out. We’ve overcome our obstacles. And a majority of the time, we’ve done it privately and always respectfully. It has definitely not always been easy, but more importantly, it has always been worth it.

To some people, we probably come across as very… boring lol. We watch movies and talk about our over-the-top love of cats and explore sims and take pictures and spend a lot of time just sitting on our land talking and being silly. We just exist together and enjoy the same dorky things and it’s effortless. We don’t need to constantly entertain each other or be doing the same thing or have all the same friends. Nowadays, it feels like we have our own language and can easily anticipate each others responses and read each others emotions. We’ve synced up, but still retained enough differences to keep things interesting. We’re still able to teach each other new things and introduce each other to new interests and enjoy separate hobbies.

Levi is my best friend, he’s seen me at my best and at my worst, he knows everything there is to know about me. He’s helped me through difficult times and been there to experience some of the best ones. He’s supported my choices and helped me make decisions not only in Second Life, but in my real life as well. He’s listened to me rant and vent and laugh and talk about my hopes and dreams and Harry Potter :P. He’s put up with my weird obsessions and dramatics and immaturity. He’s fit into my life like the last piece of a puzzle, bringing everything together and creating something beautiful. He gave me somewhere in SL to belong and fulfilled something that was missing in my RL.

It’s been a trip, but really, it’s only just beginning. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, babe. ♥


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