:: O79


When I blog, I like to do a picture ‘on location.’ Not only is it cool to see how the environment and subject (usually me) is affected by different windlight settings and shadows, but it also gives me a chance to explore and discover all different kinds of sims. Unfortunately, obvious complications may arise – the inability to move/adjust objects, copious amounts of lag and other avatars wandering into your shot (purposely or accidentally) can all make the process difficult. Usually, these are just minor annoyances and par for the course, but sometimes a real gem comes along.

So, here I am, trying to set up for a shot when I am engaged in the following conversation:

[11:01] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): some told that your fun in bed
[11:02] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): i bet
[11:02] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): is it true
[11:02] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): or not
[11:03] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): define ‘fun’
[11:03] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): i can hold my own in a pillow fight
[11:03] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): and i can jump super high
[11:05] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): you have nt been to the lev. YET
[11:06] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): the lev?
[11:06] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): little pony
[11:06] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): VERY hi drive
[11:07] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): you have a pony?
[11:07] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): no I don’t play with those
[11:08] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): oh..
[11:08] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): i understand completely.
[11:09] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): my head is larger then life
[11:09] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): wow.. it must be really hard to find hats that fit
[11:10] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): I ment my penis
[11:11] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): head +tip
[11:11] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): women are so dumb these days
[11:14] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): ah, yes. the dumb one here is clearly me.

I assumed the conversation would end there. We clearly were not on the same page. After insulting me not only personally, but my gender as a whole, I figured he’d move on to harass someone else. I was able to get the shot, so I decided to move to a new location on the sim for the next one. Once again, I got my pose ready, set up my camera and prepared to test out different windlight settings. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite finished yet. Instead, he had switched gears.

[11:15] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): l love your top
[11:16] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): you just called me dumb. don’t try to compliment me now.
[11:17] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): you fall for any cyliner even those its a dick
[11:18] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): what does that even mean?
[11:20] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): your prosthetic
[11:21] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): my prosthetic what?
[11:22] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): ny
[11:24] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): ok, while I am finding this conversation to be positively riveting, i think it’s time for us to say goodbye

At this point, he took my farewell as an indication that he was much too far away and, well…


[11:25] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): no your clicktorus
[11:25] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): ………..
[11:25] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): …………….
[11:26] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): I wont
[11:26] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): you’re suave, but i have a husband. sorry to burst your bubble, casanova.
[11:27] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): right am your nova
[11:28] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): time to tetrisize
[11:29] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): the best nova you could have
[11:30] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): you need a time out
[11:31] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): Iam your nova right
[11:31] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): lol no
[11:31] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): not at all
[11:37] Troynobal2012 (troynobal): well am not a casanova
[11:37] Second Life:

Troynobal2012 (troynobal) is offering friendship.

Would you be my friend?
(By default, you will be able to see each other’s online status.)

[11:38] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): no thank you
[11:38] Second Life: Friendship offer declined.

My rejection of his friendship offer was apparently enough to send him on his way. Just as I’m about to start snapping pictures, an IM opens and a half-rezzed body enters my screen. *headdesk*

(I’ve changed the name of this guy seeing as the conversation was harmless and no real lines were crossed. The real winner above showed me no respect, so I feel no need to waste any more of my time on him than I already have by changing his name. Any way…)

[11:40] Second Life:

Ruinerofblogging#2 is offering friendship.

¿Quieres formar parte de mis amigos?

(By default, you will be able to see each other’s online status.)

[11:40] Ruinerofblogging#2: hello
[11:41] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): hi
[11:42] Ruinerofblogging#2: how are you?
[11:42] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): im okay, thank you. how are you?
[11:42] Ruinerofblogging#2: very good¨
[11:43] Ruinerofblogging#2Gary16jvp: where you live?
[11:43] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): umm, earth
[11:47] Ruinerofblogging#2: what your name?
[11:47] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): Brooke
[11:48] Ruinerofblogging#2: in which country you live?
[11:48] Ruinerofblogging#2: do you speak only english?
[11:49] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): Yes, I speak only English
[11:50] Ruinerofblogging#2: how old are you?
[11:51] Ruinerofblogging#2: what is the name your country?
[11:51] ℬrooкℯ ℚںℹռռ (brooke.amorosi): Hogwarts
[11:52] Ruinerofblogging#2: what is the continent?


What I’m Wearing:
Tears, as I mourn the human race
A pocket translator
Utter disbelief
Confusion as to wtf ‘tetrasizing’ means (though I’m sure it’s something I never ever want to have happen to me)

*waves* Hi, Levi. See what happens when you aren’t around, darling?


4 thoughts on “:: O79

  1. It that a planet circling his neither region? And if it is, why? Sorry you had to experience that, but it had me rolling! Thanks for sharing with us.

    • LOL! Nothing like a glowing, sparkling orb going ’round the waist to say, “classy, available gentleman.”

      I can’t even be that annoyed or mad about it because it was unintentionally hilarious and I was just sitting at my computer laughing. I’m glad you enjoyed it! lol

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