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First of all, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there! A special shout out to my dads in SL – Landon, who has been my dad for almost a year now and been by my side through my MANY ups and downs and craziness and helped me grow so much as a person, and Kiayn, who has offered me love and support and advice since the day he joined the family. Also to Levi, the father of my two little girls, who is an amazing parent and so adorable with the kids, I could seriously just watch them interact for hours. 🙂

As it was Father’s Day, I was pretty busy in RL, but I was also super excited to receive a Press Pass for Second Life’s 9th Birthday Celebration which gave me access to explore the sims today before it officially opens to the public tomorrow. Now, when I say sims… there are TWENTY. Yes, 20 sims of builds. For reference, here is a map:

SL9B Map (by Harlequin Rhodes)

Yeah. Wow.

This is my first time really blogging any type of event, let alone something so huge, but after a few frantic “omg how do I do this?” texts to Levi and a pep talk from my ever so wise dad, Landon, I was ready to tackle it to the best of my ability. My method was simple: take pictures of things I liked while wandering around the vast space allotted for the SL9B Celebration. Really, these snapshots don’t even begin to capture the numerous amazing builds, detail or hard work on these 20 sims, so I really strongly suggest you take the time to check it out after it opens tomorrow (11am SLT).

SL’s 9th Birthday Celebration Official blog: http://sl9b.wordpress.com/
SL9B Welcome Area: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamSeeker%20SL9B%20Nove/8/117/21

They had these little pod cars that you could ride that gave tours of the sims. There were two tour pod routes, one for the Eastern sims and one for the Western sims. Each were 30 minutes long. I just tested them out, I didn’t stay for the whole tour.

Above is the Lotus Stage, (also the main stage) and it is one of (I believe, if I counted correctly <.<) 6 stages throughout the sims.

That is the build for Oceania Breedables. If you’ve ever been to Sea World, it looks just like the shark tunnel. Oceania Breedables debuted at this years Breedable Fair and consist of mesh sharks that hunt, gain experience and, of course, breed.

Giant KittyCats! Dancing! Adorable. I WANT A GIANT KITTYCAT. *snaps fingers*

There’s a lot more pictures, but I didn’t want to assault the feeds, so click through the link to read moar, kty.

Have you pre-ordered your Booshies yet? No? I have. AND I WANT THEM NAO.

How about your Battle Beasts? I haven’t pre-ordered these, but it’s tempting. I mean, come on, DRAGONS. THEY ARE DRAGONS. Levi and I first saw these at the Breedable Fair (well, I did. Levi was too lagged out to really see anything lol), but … DRAGONS.

Yum. Free Yak milk!

Probably should have ridden this BEFORE the free Yak milk.

So, there you have it! I tried to get a little bit of everything. And I really do mean a LITTLE bit because with 20 sims of builds, you’ll need to make 3 or 4 trips if you hope to see it all. But, it really is worth checking out.


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