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Oh, hello! Welcome to a brand new segment in my blogging regimen: What Brooke Did on Sunday. Of course, calling it a ‘new segment’ would imply it will occur regularly or even that it will occur ever again, and, honestly, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Case and point, I actually meant to blog this ON SUNDAY, but obviously that didn’t happen. I don’t do well with structure or follow through. Take this blog for example. Levi and I have always been very super fantastic at coming up with new ideas to occupy our time, but we’re rather faulty at following through after the initial conceptualization. We first talked about starting a fashion blog back in October of 2011 and we actually went so far as to set up an email and a username, but the blog didn’t have it’s first post until February of 2012. Some time in January, we talked about opening a store. We came up with a name and a general idea of what we wanted to sell. We even set up a group. Our store opened on MP just a week ago and our in-world store is an almost finished work in progress. I wouldn’t say we’re lazy… okay, wait, we are pretty lazy, but more than THAT we’re easily distracted. I mean, we have accomplished other things… buying land, improving our photography skeelz, getting married, starting a family, shooting up zombies and… you know, other stuff, but as far as business endeavors in SL go, it takes awhile to have anything to show for our awesome ideas.

Anyway, Sunday was rainy in my part of the world and a lazy day and so I spent a large chunk of it dragging my butt around SL, getting some work done and also trying to break from my usual pastime of “stand around on our land for long periods of time” and the occasional “stare blankly at open inventory before deciding I’m too lazy to organize it.” Levi is super busy in RL right now (like going to Harry Potter World without me!! WTFFF? :(), so my main focus as of late has been to Do Work, mainly making progress on the store since he’s not around to distract entertain me.

SO! I’m sure you’re dying to know: What did I do Sunday?

Well, I logged in. Obviously.

We currently rent our land from Willowdale Estates and their sims are very super gorgeous which is great for us lazy, bad terraformers who talk about adding trees and landscaping for months, but never actually get around to doing so *cough*. I’d totally do an MTV-style ‘Welcome To My Crib’ photoset, except we haven’t actually put much furniture down yet. After all, we’ve only been there, like, a month. See first paragraph about lack of follow through. Don’t judge. Anyway, the outside was pretty much already set up for us (PERFECT!!) so I’ll show you that!

ISN’T IT SO PURTY? Those pictures aren’t edited at all, except to re-size. All the magic comes from various Windlight settings that I didn’t write down or keep track of. Oops.

HOUSE: Du Monde – The Button

So, yup. Logged in. Check. Now you’re thinking “omg Brooke, you’re so stylish! Tell us what you wore!” I know, I know.

Skin: Al Vulo – Leilani – Bronze
Hair: Truth – Jessie – Walnut w/ Roots *MESH* (GROUP GIFT)
Top: Celoe – Jet Sweater – Tea
Skirt: Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt – Rust (Grixdale is closed, but I think Aura still sells these skirts…)
Shoes: Maitreya – Frenzy – Pearl
Necklace: Yummy – Vintage Camera Necklace
Lipgloss: Pink Acid – Diva Lipgloss – Magenta

Dressed. Check. My next activity of “sit in photodome” was hard to capture accurately in pictures, so I skipped it. I need some material for next time, after all. But, yeah, for the record< I did that. Then a notification popped up from the SL Events group advertising a comedy show. I rarely notice these notifications, let alone participate in what they're advertising, BUT FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST, I decided to live on the edge and go. These are the things I do for you people.

When I arrived, I was greeted by this:

So, yeah.

Minimalistic Comedy Lounge: VISIT IT

It was pretty funny. I think it would have been better if it was done over voice rather than in chat, but it was good times all the same and it kept me occupied for a good hour. i should do more things like that. There’s something kind of ironic about being a social recluse in SL. Ah, well.

I TP’d out when it was over and went to try and Do Work. Apparently, having a brand is a lot more work than I anticipated. So, it’s a slow processes. But I am building my own store and seeing as this is the first time I’ve done more than attach 2 prim squares together, I’m pleased with how it’s going.


I got some more clothes done and also started putting together some promo packages for bloggers. Haven’t sent them out yet, but I have faith I’ll get around to doing that in, like, the next 6 months. *facedesk*

Thus concludes ‘What Brooke Did On Sunday.”

So, yeah. I’m not missing the irony of this post. Spending time creating this super long & ramble-y, picture-filled post filled a pretty significant chunk of timewhere I could have been Doing Work, not only on Sunday, but today as well. Oh well. Faccio quello che voglio.


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