:: O63

You know what sucks? When you turn the volume up on your computer SUPER LOUD and forget you’ve done so. Then, later, you plug in some headphones, stick em’ in you ears and turn the sound on. So, this post is coming to you from the recently partially deaf. Happy Sunday.

First, your regularly scheduled fashion blogging, brought to you by… me!

Skin: Al Vulo – Leilani – Bronze
Hair: 69 – Jessica 02 – Light Mauve
Dress: Shipwrecked – Watermelon Dress *MESH*
Shoes: SLink – Glitter Peeptoe
Necklace: Pepper – Key Necklace
Bracelet: Whippet & Buck – Diamond and Pearl Bracelet Stack
Headband: EY:NO – Sakura Headstring

And now, a pretty cool announcement / opportunity that I read about on JuicyBomb and am passing along to you!

From the Scarlet Creative website:

To get the mesh party going, I am going to ask all you lovely readers and customers to vote for the first house you would want in Mesh. The one with the most votes wins as the first build. All those that vote as a thank you will get the prefab for free even if that wasn’t the original one you purchased (or even if you never have purchased) as a thank you from Scarlet Creative for supporting original creators making original mesh for use in Second Life. All the houses are fully created from scratch, no mesh templates, no third party products. All from the ground up, piece by piece with love to hopefully make a little mesh goodie you can call home.

The Survey will be open until 5th June and results published here on 6th June.

So, go!

– Click the link: Full entry & survey!
– Do the survey!
– Profit!


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