:: O47 ~ Places We Like [O1]


Levi here, the reason we picked this location as our first ‘Places We Like’ post is because this beautiful place has a lot of meaning to the both of us. The first time Brooke and I ever went there, was on our first official date. We both had a great time. Enjoying the view and each others company. Almost 2 months ago, we took our daughters here. To show them how far we’ve come. And, they loved it! I mean, can you blame them? The place is amazing and relaxing. It’s great for a family outing or a romantic date with that special someone. You won’t go wrong bringing your date there. Also, here are some pictures of our first date (9 months ago :3) and some my wife Brooke took recently. I hope you like it. We’ll be filling out this section more. So stay tuned!



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