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Okay, so, I am in LOVE with Al Vulo’s new petite complete avatar. I saw a picture on Flickr and immediately jumped in-world because I NEEDED ONE IMMEDIATELY.

If you pick one of these up, your package contains a skin, hair base, shape, hand/feet add-ons (3 different hand choices) and a hair (which I honestly didn’t even realize was in there and haven’t featured in any of the pictures. Oops!). They are priced at $1200L which I found pretty reasonable considering the quality and all the things included in your purchase. [HELPFUL HINT: The vendor for these avis is outside the mainstore, in the grassy area. This may save you the extra 10 minutes I spent frantically searching the store, irrationally thinking maybe I was too late AND THEY WERE ALREADY GONE. Traumatizing.]

Seriously, I adore this petite avi. The face is perfection. :3

Levi helped me do this picture so I could show you the size comparison of a ‘normal’ avi and Al Vulo’s petite. I didn’t realize she was going to be SO tiny until I put everything on.

I also wanted to talk really quick about the wings because THEY ARE ALSO AWESOME. I did a random Marketplace search for ‘petite wings’ and these popped up, from a brand I had never heard of. They were only $250L so I decided they were worth a try. WORTH IT THEY WERE. You can change the texture and color of three parts of the wings and their vendor add boasts that there are over 1000 different combinations… SEE.. SEE?

Even better, they can be modded. BINGO. Marketplace, you have failed me on occasion, but this is not one of those times.


Complete Avatar: Al Vulo – Polly 2 Petite Avi in Caramel
Outfit: Severed Garden – Katy
Wings: D’nanavis – Petite Texture-Change Fairy Wings
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine – Crystal Pack & Monique – Blondes


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